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About Us

Falling out of “Heaven on Earth”

This is the blog of those who fell out from “heaven” and are now firmly grounded in reality.
We pray this website will help expose the truth about Shincheonji and help people to leave.

About Us

Falling out of “Heaven on Earth”

This is the blog of those who fell out from “heaven” and are now firmly grounded in reality.
We pray this website will help expose the truth about Shincheonji and help people to leave.


My Story

Starting from my parents and aunt, to my boyfriend, everyone in my life was getting sucked into Shincheonji. Naturally, I did too. I chose to walk away and not be religious at all today. But I want everyone to know what kind of place Shincheonji really is and expose its underside.

My Story with Shincheonji

“Shincheonji is a place of family.”

I thought of Shincheonji as my family because my family members
and my significant other were the ones who guided me to the church.
I wasn’t religious before and the fervency required of me was
draining for myself and I realized I didn’t believe in God enough to
make any sacrifice for Him. I’ve walked away but my family is still there;
This blog is dedicated to them and many more like them,
who need to find a way out of the church and back to society.



Also called New Heaven and New Earth outside of Korea, Shincheonji is a dangerous cult that brings in those who are seeking for God, or dissatisfied with their current church.

“Heaven on Earth”

Shincheonji is different from other churches.

Shincheonji is not just a church, but it’s supposed to be God’s will here on earth.
People are only allowed to join after months of Bible study,
and you graduate to become part of God’s family.

What is Shincheonji?

Shincheonji is an international Christian church that is difficult to categorize along with regular Christian denominations. They don’t prescribe to any denomination and denounce the existence of denominations as “the devil’s work”. They describe themselves as a church promised in the Bible and that they are God’s kingdom here on earth.

What does Shincheonji mean?

Shincheonji (pronounced more like Shin-chun-jee in my opinion) is based on Chinese characters that mean “new heaven and new earth”. They are also referred to as Zion or the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. It’s often abbreviated as “SCJ”. They claim that their name is the one promised in the Bible and that these alignments are proof that they are legitimate.

Is Shincheonji a cult?

This is the first thing people think of when they hear “Shincheonji”. That’s what I thought first too. To define, a cult is “a religion regarded as unorthodox”. Shincheonji definitely does not follow the doctrines or practices of other Christian denominations and churches. In that sense, Shincheonji is the most unorthodox religion out there. But is this wrong? Their teachings and practices are based on the Bible; so who’s wrong: the orthodox who don’t follow the Bible or the unorthodox who follows the Bible?

Is Shincheonji Dangerous?

At its core, Shincheonji is a church and a group of people who want to carry out a life of faith. Some people are very fervent. Some people are not. You’ll find people, as in any church, who want to devote all of their life to it and are all about it, and you’ll find people who are just going with the flow and check-off their attendance. It’s different, depending on who you talk to. The people there are sincere and the doctrines aren’t off, but some are too fervent that it can veer on scary or overwhelming. I felt too busy, too guilty about being too busy for God.


What does SCJ really believe in?

What does SCJ really teach in their Bible studies?
How are SCJ teachings different?

FAQ about SCJ

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of claims about secrecy and lies, and questions about Shincheonji.
This is a space where we honestly try to answer as someone who’s had these questions before too.


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