Shincheonji FAQ

Does LMH claim he’s the only one who knows the Bible?

With God, there is wisdom and understanding and God is the one who can allow us understanding.

It makes sense that many people, especially amongst God’s people, do not understand God. There were many who understood God and were after His heart: Moses, David, Jeremiah, etc. But they were not able to understand God’s promises / prophecies of the Old Testament.

So when can we understand? And understand what? If one desires to understand the prophecies of the Bible, there is a clear time when one will be able to understand. When is that time? We’re taught at Shincheonji that it’s “At the proper time”. Which is when the prophecies of the Bible fulfill and the mystery of God is unraveled.

I often thought to myself: is this really the fulfillment of the Bible? If so, how come it isn’t grand or very well-known or more impactful in our every days? And what don’t I understand about God?

I have to admit I feel like I know more about God and verses of the Bible now because of my time at Shinchonji. But it takes a lot of time to understand Shincheonji beliefs and people always nag at you to make more time to read and think about the bible.