Testimonies against Shincheonji

Long Road to Recovery

It has been over a year now since I left the cult known as “New Heaven New Earth,” or Shincheonji. It has been a long road to recovery, but I decided to finally open up about it. So here it is.

I went through their nine-month Bible study program, and I won’t deny that I really enjoyed it. At the time, it seemed to make a lot more sense than anything I had ever learned before about the Bible. Even now, I must say I agree with the vast majority of what I learned. But my problem and reason for leaving was not so much the teachings.

The other people at Shincheonji were great people. Really genuine friends, I think. I never had friends like that. But I just couldn’t handle the commitment. I felt like I should be able to do my own thing, and commit as much of my time as I wanted to church activities. But I felt like my involvement in SCJ was expected to take up all my time. There are other things I need to take care of, I have a life.

I admit, there was also a girl I really liked there. I tried to be subtle about it with her at first, but I later confessed. She took it well and didn’t seem to hold it against me after, but she said it wasn’t the time for her. It seemed like almost none of the adults there were married, and very few were dating. Maybe that’s what some people want, but if I stayed I felt I would have no chance at a romantic relationship.

After leaving, I feel like I’ve almost had a sort of a withdrawal. Like the morning after a hangover or something like that. It was such a positive experience, almost like a dream, when I was there. Sometimes I still have doubts about whether or not I should have left, but I try to justify myself by remembering that it was a cult. My memories of being there are slowly fading, and I think my attachment will also become less over time.