Testimonies against Shincheonji

No Real Relationships at Shincheonji (Korean Cult)

A few years ago, I wanted deeper connections and a sense of belonging. I stumbled upon Shincheonji and was immediately drawn to its vibrant community. The teachings, the energy, the enthusiasm—I was hooked! I genuinely believed that this was the place where I could foster meaningful relationships while nurturing my faith.

The Pursuit of Connection

But as time went on, I realized something peculiar. It seemed like everyone around me was so focused on their faith and personal growth that building connections outside of that realm took a backseat. Don’t get me wrong; there were incredible moments of bonding during worship and Bible studies. However, when it came to finding a partner or pursuing romantic relationships, most of the sisters I talked to were not interested.

I yearned for companionship and intimacy. However, I discovered that many fellow members were content with the deep spiritual relationships they found within Shincheonji. It wasn’t that they were cold or unwelcoming; they were just on a different wavelength. It felt like I was on a detour, longing for something that wasn’t the primary focus of the community.

I started to date a girl who was part of the church and she wanted to make our relationship public from the start and tell her cell leader. I told her no and wanted to keep our relationship secret for longer. To be honest, I wasn’t certain if I could be committed long-term to her and I didn’t want our relationship to become public too fast. I was still talking to other girls and trying to see who I could click with. If she told her cell leader, then the entire church would know and expect us to be serious. I wasn’t ready to settle down into a serious relationship.

Eventually, I reached a crossroads. As much as I cherished the spiritual growth and insights I gained within Shincheonji, I couldn’t ignore my longing for connection on an intimate level. It was frustrating.

Leaving Shincheonji was not an easy decision, and I had my fair share of doubts and fears. But deep down, I knew it was the right move for me.

It taught me the value of honoring my own desires… It’s not about finding fault or blaming anyone; it’s about recognizing that different people seek different things in life. My time with Shincheonji was filled with growth and learning, but I realized I had greater desires than faith.