Shincheonji Beliefs

Shincheonji abuses and harasses female members.

Shincheoni is so very explicitly not about sex. It’s a place where you could see as very conservative in the modern point of view. Women and men are separated from one another physically (sitting in different sections) and also socially, as groups are gender-based. If you’re a woman then you will be in the women’s department and will mostly interact with your fellow women.

Dating for the sake of fooling around or sexual immorality is seen are very very bad, and casual dating is not encouraged. Rather they emphasize that you should be serious about your lifelong partner before God and other people.

In my years there, I’ve never heard people talk about sex or be dragged away or anything like that. They would talk too much about only biblical things and things of faith. They don’t really know how to have fun or enjoy life. They also have you sign up for volunteering opps and many times, the service work is for disadvantaged women and children.