Testimonies against Shincheonji

Shincheonji at UC Campus

Hi, I’m not sure if anyone has every heard a ministry that goes by Shincheonji on the UC campuses but if you ever do please read this. Just about year ago was approached by a girl and a guy part of this organization handing out flyers for their theology program that allows believers to continue to deepen their level of faith be someone who had mainly focusing on my studies it was something I left on the back burner. As they approached me they were quite friendly and seemed to be genuinely curious what my background was and asked if I would be open to checking out their program. Being slightly curious, I gave my number to the girl and shortly after I received a text asking I was free later that week to meet and catch up. After receiving that text a lot of uncertainty filled my head because I was made know by many people the there were many Christian cults on campus. This being so I didn’t end up responding. Later on that week I got another text from the same girl inviting me to one of their social events with praise and a short message. As I thought about it more I thought it might be easier to go if there are more peoples then I’ll be able to come and go as I please. So with that being my plain I messaged her back asking her where it was and went to one of my first events with them. Once I arrived I saw the girl and she with a few of her friends and they invited me to sit with them, there was band performing and shortly after the praise portion there was a Missionary that went up and spoke about the topic of Growing in Faith through the Scriptures and was amazed how well she knew Scriptures. Afterwards there was a Q&A table in the back where people could sign up for some of the programs and I ended up signing up for one of the larger group studies. After joining the class for a few months I continue to be amazed how clear the Bible was to me and how the lessons that was being taught always made so much sense.

After a while I was beginning to feel very overwhelmed with both my school work and balancing work and I began to miss a handful of the sessions and the leaders would constant messaged me asking if I was ok, but didn’t have the courage to tell them that I was too afraid of facing them because I ended up choosing school over God. After completely ignoring the leaders and the other brothers and sister for months I began to feel more and more empty inside not really know how to begin studying the word again. For I knew what I was learning was correct but though my fear I’m still unsure how begin again.