Shincheonji Beliefs

Shincheonji doesn’t let you question anything.

Throughout the Bible, God reasons with His people, shows them evidence of His great power, leaves behind prophecies and fulfills them so they will have evidence to be able to believe. It is through His words God reasons with us and guides our thoughts to the correct understanding and beliefs.

But isn’t that what we want to do in Bible study and in church? I wanted to know God’s will more but I wasn’t able to without actually knowing what my bible was saying. After being a christian for all my life, I had to ask myself what the heck the gospels were even about. If we’re not learning and questioning, why would it take months to complete a course from the and then move onto the next one? Wouldn’t they want to make it as easy as possible for people to come in if Shincheonji is a sect?

If forceful indoctrination was the goal, why would they look through so many verses in the Bible, and why would the people at the classes spend countless hours explaining and answering questions? If you were expected to believe “uncritically”, why are you told to test for yourself? There’s a strange emphasis on discerning with the Shinchonji sect.