Shincheonji Beliefs

Shincheonji has cult-like worship practices

Shincheonji people value service time as the time when to offer the truest form of worship to God in spirit and in truth.

They pride themselves on not being like the churches of the world where people can worship God in whatever personal style they like best. So you can’t come in wearing jeans and shorts, nor can you go around shaking your belly button piercing. With this, God desires and searches for true believers who can offer up true worship and devotion to Him, not just lip service.

Aren’t we called to offer up our bodies as living sacrifices to God in Romans 12:1? Then shouldn’t our worship also be aligned with God’s qualities, and how He desires His people to be? God is a god of order, not chaos or disorder. So Shincheonji leaders put a lot of care into making sure that all services are orderly as well. Even if the group membership is low or you’re a non-Korean speaker, you’re expected to follow the orderly fashion and standard that has been set up.

Some ex-Shincheonji members have said it feels like the way Catholic mass is operated because everything seems so holy looking and stiff.