Testimonies against Shincheonji

Testimony from K.

One day I just woke up and just decided to pack my things and go home. I turned off my phone because I knew I would be getting calls from some of my friends asking about my whereabouts or checking in to see if I was okay. I didn’t want any more voices to influence my decision because I didn’t want to hear the right decision. I knew I was making the bad choice and I just wanted to be okay with it. I told myself I would leave and that was it.

I still receive messages from some of the members to this day, but I do not respond because I do not think there is much I have to say. Maybe one day if any of them leave, I can catch up with them and check-in to see how they’ve managed to cut ties just like I have.

Since leaving, I have completely removed myself from a “faith walk” altogether. When I was part of their studies, I had concluded that either the teaching of Shincheonji was truth or there was simply no god at all. Looking at the religions all over the world or even within the very denominations of Christianity, there are too many variations with no common ground—there are too many made up gods according to each church and individual’s preference. I couldn’t argue against the claims they made about how there was a lot of corruption in the religious world–that was definitely true.

The Shinchonji teachers and instructors and maintainers I was around with were very serious about the teachings they preached, as they prepared for their lessons for hours on end and had many meetings on how to advance their programs. Knowing that I had an implicated responsibility to take part in similar work of teaching scared me. I never wanted to spend my life teaching the Bible, even if God was true. I just wanted to live my life however I wanted and live comfortably.