Testimonies against Shincheonji

Uncomfortable Teachings

For several months, I attended a Bible class with a friend hosted by Shincheonji. I didn’t actually know it was Shincheonji, but I found out later. It was a lot of fun I’ll admit, the teacher was talented and the other students were fun. I became good friends with some of them too.

Starting from the parables in the Bible, we were taught and shown how the Bible was stitched together from Genesis to Revelation. For example; the tree in Genesis was connected to Jesus at the first coming, and that in turn was connected to the trees of life that appear in Revelation.

For the most part, I actually agreed with this. The parables were connected very well, and it was hard to deny almost anything that was taught. It was taken directly from the Bible, after all. But where I found issue with some of the strange ways they did things and also some of the doctrines that clashed with what I knew previously.

There were some things that I was not comfortable with and which were frankly annoying. For example, their reading of the Bible verses out loud and how they would always encourage us to ask questions. Sure, I could ask about these things afterwards but by then I had usually forgotten by then so what was the point?

Also, I would often want to leave evening classes early because of events, concerts, or my 10AM job the next morning, but I had to spend my evenings in a time for God instead of being able to do chores. At least at my church, they’re understanding when it comes to these sorts of things.

Nevertheless, I eventually came to a point where I left the Bible study. It wasn’t actually because of the doctrinal differences, the people, or anything like that. I simply got too busy with work, and that’s what caused me to leave. I need some time in the evenings for myself, so that I can relax and recuperate.

The only reason I later found out the Bible study was part of SCJ was that I later bumped into another student at the mall who had been in the class. I reached out to my friend who had been in the class, but he only encouraged me to join again and see for himself. I think they must have gotten to him. That is when I discovered that I had left SCJ without even knowing it.

I do sort of regret leaving the class before its conclusion, but I don’t know if it would really be worth my time to finish if it might not be true. I asked my friend if I could start where I had left off and he said no, but I don’t see much point in learning the same stuff all over again. Maybe it’s just not my thing.